Kuwait City      


Kuwait City


Kuwait City is the capital of the State of Kuwait.  A good source for all kind of information about Kuwait and Kuwait City are the pages of the Kuwait Information Office - USA.  Main sightseeing attractions are the Kuwait Towers - with excellent view on the city, the Emir's Palace and the harbour - and the Grand Mosque.


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About Kuwait City

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The Water Towers have become the most famous landmark in the country.  The upper sphere of the main tower has revolving observation deck with cafeteria which gives visitors an excellent panorama view of Kuwait City, the Emir's Palace, the harbour and the Arabian Gulf.  The top half of the lower sphere has three excellent restaurants, the bottom section is a one million gallon water reservoir.

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The globe on the middle tower is used only as a water reservoir with a one million gallon capacity.



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Top: Water Towers and Ministry Of Justice, Kuwait City, October 2000
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