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Christmas is always a nice time - because you can expect to receive many gifts.  Pre-Christmas time, however, is always a hard and challenging time because you need to find and purchase many gifts.

Columbus helps making the shopping experience easier and more enjoyable: by offering a monthly "Gallery Hop" in an area called Short North, where the first Saturday of every month from 4pm to 10pm all businesses offer the latest of arts, exhibits, food and drinks to enjoy and - of course - to buy.  Below are selected impressions from the Christmas-Preparation-Gallery Hop on December 2, 2006 in the Short North area.


Preparing the Christmas Tree

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Like in Europe, people are using chainsaws to produce the christmas trees.  However here in Ohio, the christmas trees may look different.

But as always, it is all about using the right tools. Therefore to make sure the tree is getting really straight and upright, use the intelligent, powerful and proven, german-engineered chainsaw from Stihl.  The picture on the left shows the difference: the person is using something alternative tool and the tree is not 100 percent upright (but still: great job with all the iceblock figures)!

Notice the outline of the tree at the house wall (picture on the left)!

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More pieces of art and view of the "studio".



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In the US, typically the relationship between the people and their cars is a very close one.
Even when it comes to food and drink, cars are always in their mind.

However, unlike cars: do NOT drink and drive, and make sure you always pick the right lane.



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Sometimes it’s easy and straight forward (see left).
And sometimes it is a real challenge, even for an engineer (see middle and right).
Also provides the solution for above "pick the right lane" test.


Christmas Gifts: Famous Towers

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Models of some of the world’s most known towers as a model:
Eiffel Tower - Paris, France (left),
Big Ben - London, Uk and Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy (middle) and - of course -
Stratosphere - Las Vegas, USA (right).


Happy Holidays

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Once done with any upcoming traffic and parking challenges (and subsequent shopping duties), happy holidays!


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Top: Short North arts district, Columbus, OH, USA.
Exploring the shopping- and dining opportunities in preparation for Christmas as seen on December 2nd, 2006.
Copyright © 12/2006 Steffen Grohs